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A worthy Ideal

Good Morning

In this lesson, you will learn about big goals, goals that truly inspire you.

These are the kind of goals that run around your mind before going to sleep at night and are one of the first things you think about each morning. They are goals that energize you and add a dimension of creativity to every aspect of your life.

By the time you finish the lesson, you’ll have set your worthy ideal—a goal that excites and scares you at the same time. It’s a rousing and thought-provoking lesson that lays the foundation for the rest of the program.

Download the fillable Accountability Worksheet and Synopsis below and use this as a guide to keep you on track throughout this lesson. After you have spent 2 weeks on this lesson and completed the worksheet, you will write up your synopsis and submit for review.

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What I think of lesson 1

  • Watch the video.
  • Read the entire first lesson with the article.
  • Read the questions without answering them, and let them simmer in your subconscious until next week.


I watch the video

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  • A goal is something you are going after that you’ve never done before
  • A goal is designed to help you grow, it causes you to draw something from yourself that you didn’t even know was there.
  • If you know how to reach your goal, the goal is not going to do for you what goals are designed to do.
  • If you’re really going to accomplish something, you’re going to need to be inspired by going after something you really want, it’s going to have to come from inside.
  • Type A goals are doing something you already know how to do. Type B goals are what you think you can do. Type C goals are your wants. What you really want. Type C goals come from your fantasies and are originated through the effective use of your imagination.
  • You’ve got to build the fantasy. You take the fantasy and move it from fantasy to a theory.
  • You must believe you are able and willing to do what is required in order to turn the theory about your wants into a goal.
  • Don’t let outside conditions or circumstances dictate how you will live.
  • Refuse to let anything that’s going on outside of you stop you.
  • As you get emotionally involved in the goal, you’re going to involve your emotions and the expression of that emotional involvement is going to change your behavior. As your behavior changes the results start to change, and your theory turns into a fact.
  • Individuals without a goal are lost. They have no compass. You’ve got to wake up in the morning and be excited, “I’m working towards my goal.”


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Complete the declaration of goals (after discussing your goals with Agnes) and send it to us

I'm open to receiving daily advice and taking immediate action. It's done!


We use repetition to learn and impress upon the subconscious mind. 

We use reflection also to learn and to help make connections between what we are taught in theory and what we need to do in practice.

Now that you have been studying lesson 1 for a few weeks take some time to reflect back on the lesson and write-up a solid synopsis of your thoughts.

Writing this synopsis gives you the chance to make connections between what you are thinking, what you are learning, what you are doing and how you will apply the lesson in your life and in working with your clients.

This synopsis is not scored; it demonstrates that you have studied and assimilated the lesson.

Submit your Accountability Synopsis below.

Please allow up to 2 business days for a reply of receipt and the unlocking of your next lesson.

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