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Lesson 6: Environment is but our looking glass


We use our mind to create an image of ourselves and the image we hold creates our results.

The results you are achieving in your life are a direct reflection of the image you currently have of yourself. Thankfully, no matter what your results are now—no matter how good or bad they might be—if you improve the image, the improvement will be reflected in your results.

Lesson Six helps you create a new and improved self-image—a winner’s image. The new image will be expressed through your behavior and reflected in new and improved results.

Download the fillable Accountability Worksheet and Synopsis below and use this as a guide to keep you on track throughout this lesson. After you have spent 2 weeks on this lesson and completed the worksheet, you will write up your synopsis and submit for review.

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What I think of this 7th lesson

  • Watch the video.
  • Read the entire seventh lesson along with the article.
  • Read the questions without answering them, letting them simmer in your subconscious until next week.

Watch the video

Key Points of the sixth lesson

  • You have programmed into the deep recesses of your mind a perception of what you are, who you are and what you are worth. This is referred to as an inner self-image. It is literally a control mechanism that determines what comes into your life and how well you do.
  • You also have an outer image. It is the one that you project to the world by the way you walk, talk, dress and meet and greet other people. That image is the outer expression of the inner image.
  • Your results are always a reflection of what is going on internally. If you have a negative or bad image of yourself, your results are going to be a reflection of that image.
  • The self-image that is fixed in your subconscious mind will determine how the rest of the world will see you. You are the only person in the entire world that has the ability to alter or improve your self-image.
  • There is an image of perfection that is resident in the center of your consciousness. The more you move in the direction of that image, the more your life will improve. There is no end to the good that you can experience as you develop a greater awareness of the perfection that does lie within you.
  • Small or large groups that come together as a team in a corporation or other organization and perform effectively do so because they do not compete. They create.
  • Teams operate with an image the same way as individuals or organizations do. When a team chooses to improve their performance they must collectively work at improving the image of each team member thereby improving the team image.
  • Fast moving, powerful, profitable organizations understand that people work better together. They encourage and educate people to be effective team members. Not only does the organization win, so does every individual in the organization. Individuals grow when they have the support of team members.
  • When a team operates in a spirit of harmony toward the same objective, you have one of the most powerful forces in the world. Creative professional teams have difficulty differentiating between working and having fun, and they create results that really count.
  • As part of a team, it is important to remember that givers gain. Help every member of the team every way you can; cooperation is always more powerful than competition.

Agrandissez la vidéo pour voir les sous-titre en français


We use repetition to learn and impress upon the subconscious mind.

We use reflection also to learn and to help make connections between what we are taught in theory and what we need to do in practice.

Now that you have been studying lesson 1 for a few weeks take some time to reflect back on the lesson and write-up a solid synopsis of your thoughts.

Writing this synopsis gives you the chance to make connections between what you are thinking, what you are learning, what you are doing and how you will apply the lesson in your life and in working with your clients.

This synopsis is not scored; it demonstrates that you have studied and assimilated the lesson.

Submit your Accountability Synopsis below.

Please allow up to 2 business days for a reply of receipt and the unlocking of your next lesson.

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