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Lesson 9 : The magic word


This lesson is about attitude. We dedicated an entire lesson to attitude for a couple of reasons. The first is that experts say it is the most important word as far as the results we get in life. What we receive from life, what we accomplish or fail to accomplish is due, in large part, to our attitude.

The second reason we created an entire lesson about attitude is that, while attitude is one of the most commonly used words, it is also one of the most misunderstood words in the English language. In this lesson, we’ll explain it more clearly and in greater depth than anything you might have studied on this subject before.

In this lesson, you’ll learn that your attitude is a composite of 3 things – your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. All thoughts, feelings and actions are a form of energy that we express. Our thoughts charged with emotion set up a vibration in the body that causes our actions. The universe, in turn, responds in a like manner to our actions. It’s the action/re-action that alters the conditions, circumstances and environment in our lives.

Download the fillable Accountability Worksheet and Synopsis below and use this as a guide to keep you on track throughout this lesson. After you have spent 2 weeks on this lesson and completed the worksheet, you will write up your synopsis and submit for review.

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Key Points from lesson nive

  • There is power flowing to and through you. As it flows into your consciousness, you are going to make it either positive or negative by virtue of the thoughts that you choose.
  • The law of polarity says everything has an opposite. Up, down. Hot, cold. In, out. Positive or negative. There’s a positive and negative pole, and you have to have both to have anything. However, you can only focus on one polarity at a time. You cannot be both positive and negative. You are either one or the other.
  • The conscious mind has the ability to accept, reject or ignore. As ideas and information come into our mind, we have the ability to determine whether we want to accept it, whether we want to let that be a part of our life.
  • When someone shares information that is negative, reject it. Don’t entertain it. Don’t internalize it.
  • The conscious mind is the thinking mind, the educated mind. This is where our intellectual factors are resident. This is where your sensory factors are hooked up. You can see, smell, taste, hear and touch. These are the highways that hook us up to the outside world.
  • The subconscious mind can only accept, it accepts everything that comes to it as real. The subconscious mind will take in what is happening right now and accept it. It has no ability to differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.
  • Whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind, controls the vibration of the body. Your vibration is dictated by the ideas that you impress upon your subconscious mind. Negative idea, you are going to move into a bad vibration. Positive idea, you will instantly move into a positive vibration.
  • The body is an instrument of the mind. It does exactly what the mind tells it to do.
  • If we understand how the mind functions, we can control the outside world. We do not want the outside world to control us. We want to control the outside world. We do control the outside world when we understand how the mind functions.
  • Energy comes into our conscious mind. We have the ability to accept ideas that come in from the outside world, and say “That’s good”? We can turn the image over to our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind accepts it as real.
  • If you are mentally and physically in a bad vibration, that is all you can attract to you. Vibration is going to dictate what you attract. When you move into a positive vibration, you begin to attract like energy to you. It just happens this way. This is where you literally control you.
  • No one can cause you to think something you do not want to think. You have the freedom to think anything you want to think.
  • Your attitude is going to determine where you go in life. It is the foundation of either failure or success.
  • Your attitude is a composite of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are an energy that you send out into the universe and whatever you send out into the universe is what’s going to come back to you.
  • Everything has good in it and everything has bad in it. What do you look for? That is going to dictate your attitude.
  • There is no right way to do anything. It can be a good way. It can even be a valid way, but clearly understand there is always a better way. And with the right attitude you will find it.


We use repetition to learn and impress upon the subconscious mind.

We use reflection also to learn and to help make connections between what we are taught in theory and what we need to do in practice.

Now that you have been studying lesson 1 for a few weeks take some time to reflect back on the lesson and write-up a solid synopsis of your thoughts.

Writing this synopsis gives you the chance to make connections between what you are thinking, what you are learning, what you are doing and how you will apply the lesson in your life and in working with your clients.

This synopsis is not scored; it demonstrates that you have studied and assimilated the lesson.

Submit your Accountability Synopsis below.

Please allow up to 2 business days for a reply of receipt and the unlocking of your next lesson.


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